Software Releases

Technical description of the RudderStack releases.

At RudderStack, we strive to make our deployment simple. To get started, please go through our guide on installing and setting up RudderStack on the platform of your choice.

If you're using RudderStack in production, we highly recommend using our Docker images. Our Docker images are always up-to-date, and well-tested in a production environment.

Docker Images

We release Docker images on the Docker Hub every 2 weeks with the latest features and fixes.



Native Binaries

Please note that the release cycle for native binaries lags behind the Docker images by at least a month.

To stay up to date, we highly recommend using the Docker images. If you are an enterprise customer and need the latest binaries, please contact us.


We release native binaries for the following architectures:

  • Darwin i386

  • Darwin x86_64

  • Linux i386

  • Linux x86_64

Contact Us

For more information on the software releases or if you need the latest binaries, please feel free to contact us. You can also start a conversation on our Slack channel, and we will be happy to help you.