RudderStack Config Generator

Step-by-step guide to setting up and using the RudderStack Config Generator

RudderStack has two major components - the Control Plane and the Data Plane. The Data Plane reliably delivers your event data, while the Control Plane manages the configuration of your sources and destinations. This configuration can also be read from an external JSON file instead of the Control Plane, if you don't wish to use our hosted Control Plane.

The RudderStack Config Generator provides the UI to manage the source and destination configurations without the need to sign up. All the source and destination configurations stay on your local storage. You can simply export or import the configurations to a JSON file.

Setting up the RudderStack Config Generator

Before setting up the RudderStack Config Generator, make sure you have RudderStack installed locally. You can find the instructions for setting up RudderStack for the platform of your choice below:

Please make sure you have Node.js installed before setting up the RudderStack Config Generator.

In order to set up the RudderStack Config Generator, you will need to run the following commands in the specified order:

  1. cd utils/config-gen

  2. npm install

  3. npm start

The RudderStack Config Generator can be accessed at http://localhost:3000 by default.

On successful setup, you should be able to see the following UI:

RudderStack Config Generator

Exporting Workspace Configuration

After you add the required sources and destinations in the dashboard as shown above, you can export your workspace configuration by simply clicking the EXPORT button. The configuration is then exported and saved as a JSON file. This workspace configuration is required to start the RudderStack server.

To know how to add your sources and destinations in RudderStack, please refer to our documentation on Adding a Source and Destination in RudderStack.

To read the workspace configuration from the exported JSON file, you can update the config variables configFromFile and configJSONPath.

Starting RudderStack with the Workspace Configuration file

To start RudderStack with the workspace configuration, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the workspace configuration file on your machine

  2. In docker-compose.yml, uncomment the volumes section under the backend service. Then, specify the path to your workspace configuration file

  3. In build/docker.env, set the environment variable RSERVER_BACKEND_CONFIG_CONFIG_FROM_FILE to true

Contact Us

In case you come across any issues while setting up or using the RudderStack Config Generator, please feel free to contact us. You can also start a conversation on our Discord channel. We will be happy to help you!