Hosted Demo Account

Detailed setup instructions for RudderStack on a hosted demo account

Please follow these steps to set up RudderStack via the Rudder Hosted Service:

  • Go to the RudderStack dashboard and set up your account.

  • Select RudderStack Hosted Service from the top right corner after you login.

RudderStack Dashboard
  • You should see a confirmation message like the following image, asking you to replace the data plane URL in your client SDKs. Click on OK if you agree.

Managed hosting - Confirmation Page

Once you have successfully followed the steps above, follow our guide on How to Send Test Events in order to test if there are any issues with the installation.

Contact Us

In case you have any queries or come across any issues while setting up RudderStack on your hosted demo account, please feel free to contact us. You can also start a conversation on our Discord channel. We will be happy to help you.