Marketo Lead Import
Step-by-step guide to send your leads data from RudderStack to Marketo.
Marketo is a leading marketing automation platform that lets you identify the right audiences through effective behavioral tracking. It also lets you enhance their overall product experience through personalized marketing campaigns. Marketo offers cutting-edge email marketing, lead management, and revenue attribution solutions across all major businesses verticals.
RudderStack supports Marketo Lead Import as a destination to which you can send your leads seamlessly.
Find the open-source transformer code for this destination in our GitHub repo.

Getting Started

To enable sending your leads data to Marketo Lead Import, you will need to add it as a destination in RudderStack.
The most common source can be a Warehouse Actions source, as RudderStack only accepts identify events for this destination.
Before configuring your source and destination on the RudderStack, verify if Marketo supports the source platform by referring to the following table:
Connection Mode
Device mode
Cloud mode
To know more about the difference between Cloud mode and Device mode in RudderStack, read the RudderStack connection modes guide.
Once you have confirmed that the platform supports sending events to Marketo Lead Import, follow these steps:
    Choose a source to which you would like to add Marketo Lead Import as a destination.
Follow our guide on Adding a Source and Destination in RudderStack for more information.
    From the list of destinations, select Marketo Lead Import. Assign a name to your destination and then click on Next.
    You should then see the following Connection Settings page, where you can fill the relevant information and click on Next to proceed.
Marketo Connection Settings in RudderStack

Connection Settings

The settings to configure Marketo Lead Import as a destination are listed below:
    Munchkin Account ID: Enter your Munchkin ID. To get your Munchkin Account ID, log into your Marketo instance and navigate to the Admin section. Then, in the left menu, under Integration, click on the Munchkin option. Your Munchkin Account ID will be listed in the Tracking Code section on the main screen.
For more information on finding your Munchkin Account ID, refer to the Marketo knowledge base.
    Client ID: To get your Client ID, go to the the Admin section as mentioned above. Then, in the left menu, under Integration, click on LaunchPoint. Finally, select the API service and click on View Details to get your client ID.
For more information on finding your Client ID, refer to the Marketo knowledge base.
    Client Secret: You can find your Marketo client secret next to the Client ID obtained in the previous step.
    Column Fields Mapping: This option lets you map your Leads table columns' API key values with keys in your incoming events' traits. The values of those traits will be sent correspondingly to the columns.
You can find your columns API key names by following this documentation.
For instance, if you want to send data from the event traits set as firstName, email to the Marketo columns with API key names name and Email, then the mapping should be done as shown in the following table:
Column Field Name


RudderStack supports only identify event type for this destination.
The identify call lets you identify a visiting user and associate them to their actions. It also lets you record the traits about them like their name, email address, etc.
For more information on the identify call, refer to the RudderStack Events Specification guide.
A sample identify call is as shown:
rudderanalytics.identify("name123", {
name: "Name Surname",
firstName: "Name",
lastName: "Surname",
createdAt: "Thu Mar 24 2020 17:46:45 GMT+0000 (UTC)",
The corresponding mapping to the Marketo traits in case of the above event is shown in the following table:
Marketo Field Name
RudderStack sends the following values to Marketo (corresponding to the sample identify call above):
Name,[email protected],,,Thu Mar 24 2020 17:46:45 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Contact Us

If you come across any issues while configuring or using Marketo Lead Import with RudderStack, you can contact us or start a conversation on our Slack channel.
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