Amazon S3

Step by step instruction to setup Amazon S3 as destination in Rudder

Getting Started

To enable dumping data to Amazon S3, you need to add it as a destination to the source from which you are sending event data. Once the destination is enabled, events from our servers will start to flow to Amazon S3. You will start seeing files created in your bucket.

Amazon S3 Setup

  • Login to your Amazon AWS S3 console.

  • Create a new bucket. (You can use already existing bucket also.)

  • You need to provide access key to authorise rudder to write to your bucket. To create access key go to My security credentials and create access key.

  • Make a note of both access key ID and secret access key.

Configuring Amazon S3 Destination

Choose a source to which you would like to add Amazon S3 as a destination. (You can also simply create a destination and connect it to a source later.)

Add destination of type Amazon S3 to your source. Give your destination a name and click Next.

You will see a settings page like below. Fill all the fields with the appropriate information and click Next.

Amazon S3 settings

If you need any transformation choose one from the list, else simply click Next.

You have successfully added Amazon S3 as a destination.


Thats it! Send an event to your source, you can find it dumped to your bucket.