Reddit Pixel

Step-by-step guide to send your event data from RudderStack to Reddit Pixel.

Reddit Pixel is a JavaScript snippet that, once added to your website, lets you track user actions on your website after interacting with your ad on Reddit. You can also leverage Reddit Pixel to retarget your visitors and boost your conversions.

You can now seamlessly send your event data to Reddit Pixel by adding it as a destination in RudderStack.

Getting Started

Before configuring Reddit Pixel as a destination in RudderStack, verify if the source platform is supported by Reddit Pixel by referring to the table below: ̦

Connection Mode




Device mode




Cloud mode




To know more about the difference between Cloud mode and Device mode in RudderStack, refer to the RudderStack connection modes guide.

Once you have confirmed that the source supports sending events to Reddit Pixel, perform the steps below:

Follow our guide on How to Add a Source and Destination in RudderStack for more information.

  • Give a name to the destination and click on Next. You should then see the following screen:

  • Enter your Reddit Pixel Advertiser ID.

For more information on how to find your Reddit Pixel Advertiser ID, refer to the FAQs below.


In Reddit Pixel, the identify call updates the Reddit Pixel with the user's signup information.

For more information on the identify call, check out the RudderStack API spec.

A sample identify call is as shown:



When the page call is made, the track event is sent as PageVisit to rdt('track,'PageVisit'). RudderStack ignores any parameter sent to

For more information on the page call, check out the RudderStack API spec.

A sample page call is as shown:;


The track call lets you track custom events in your website.

A sample call looks like the following code snippet:

rudderanalytics.track("Product Added");

RudderStack transforms the following events to Reddit Pixel's Standard Events:

RudderStack Event Name

Reddit Pixel Standard Event

Product Added

Add to Cart

Product Added to Wishlist

Add to Wishlist

Order Completed


In addition, RudderStack also supports mapping the following custom events:

RudderStack Event Name

Reddit Pixel Standard Event



View Content




Reddit Pixel does not support any other custom events apart from the ones mentioned above.


Where can I find the Reddit Pixel Advertiser ID?

To get your Reddit Pixel Advertiser ID, go to your Reddit Ads Manager account. Under Reddit Pixel Setup, select the Reddit Pixel button. Here, you can find the advertiser ID in the rdt('init', <advertiserID>) line of the snippet code, as shown below.

Contact Us

If you come across any issues while configuring Reddit Pixel with RudderStack, feel free to contact us. You can also start a conversation on our Slack channel.