Warehouse FAQs

Solutions to the generally asked questions related to the RudderStack data warehouse integrations

When does Rudderstack load data into the data warehouse/s?

Rudderstack gives you the flexibility to choose when to sync the latest data into the warehouse. The default option is 30 minutes, but you can choose to extend this value to go up to 24 hours. You can also configure the time at which the data is to be loaded.

Is there a way to force my data load into the warehouses?

Yes, there is! You could do that by configuring below values in config.toml file.

warehouseSyncFreqIgnore = true #if set true this will ignore syncFrequency and syncStartingAt values which are configured in UI. By default this is false
uploadFreqInS=1800 #This field lets you control syncPeriod if above field set to true

Where can I view the status of my data load?

The warehouse upload status can be viewed in Live Events section of the destination on the RudderStack dashboard, as shown:

Live Events Option in the RudderStack Dashboard

How can I change the schema and the namespace name of my data warehouse?

The default namespace will be the source name with some modifications to the name. However, RudderStack also provides an option in the dashboard to change the namespace of the dataset.

Please refer to the warehouse-specific destination settings for configuring the namespace in the RudderStack UI.

Which IPs should be whitelisted?

If you are using the hosted RudderStack service, the following IPs need to be whitelisted in your destination's security configuration:




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