How to Upgrade RudderStack to the Latest Version (Pre v0.1.5 to v0.1.5+)

Detailed guide listing the steps for upgrading your RudderStack to the latest version (0.1.5+)

Before using RudderStack, we recommend that you upgrade it to the latest version to avoid any issues or bugs. This guide will help you migrate your RudderStack platform to the latest version in no time at all, with minimum efforts.

Migrating to RudderStack 0.1.6

Please follow the steps below to avoid any issues while upgrading your RudderStack:

Step 1: Download artifacts

Please download the latest RudderStack Server binary and the latest RudderStack transformer zip files from the links provided below:

Step 2: Stop Server and Transformer

Before you start upgrading RudderStack, please ensure that both the RudderStack Server and the Transformer services are not running.

If you are using systemd to run those services, you can stop the services using the following commands:

$ sudo systemctl stop rudder
$ sudo systemctl stop dest-transformer

Step 3: Upgrade and restart Server

To upgrade, replace your existing RudderStack server binary with the latest binary downloaded in the first step. Then, replace your existing RudderStack transformer source code with the latest code.

Once both the services are upgraded, start the RudderStack Transformer first. Once the Transformer is up and running, you can start the RudderStack server. This sequence is extremely important, to avoid any issues.

If you are using systemd, start these services using the following commands:

$ sudo systemctl start dest-transformer
$ sudo systemctl start rudder

Contact Us

In case you come across any issues while upgrading your RudderStack server or Transformer, please feel free to contact us.