All information on what are Rudder alerts, different types of Rudder alerts and how to register to Rudder alerts

Data plane supports direct alerts forPagerDuty and VictorOps integrations.

Rudder currently alerts if your data plane enters degraded mode or maintenance mode. More direct alerts are in the pipeline. If you are an enterprise edition user, you can set up alerts on top of Grafana dashboards.


  • Add a new Events API v2 Integration in PagerDuty dashboard

  • Copy the Integration Key

  • Add the following environment variables to your .env file

PG_ROUTING_KEY=<your Integration Key>


  • Create a new REST generic integration in VictorOps dashboard

  • The URL would look like the following. Copy the integration key<YOUR_INTEGRATION_KEY>/$routing_key
  • Add the following environment variables to your .env file